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Jul 25, 2012

Sunday 15 July 2012

6029 was towed out of the workshop by locomotive D25 (one of those diesels) to facilitate the placement of the front tank onto the leading engine unit. It was pleasing to note that the large mass of 265 tonnes gave little resistance mainly due to the free running roller bearings.

Once in position the team took the optionality to pose for the camera and it was pleasing to see the locomotive basking in the sun. The front tank was carefully lowered into place by a specialist crane contractor and again, there was a slight pause for the cameras. The crane was utilised to remove the hind bunker to facilitate the next stage in the rebuild program.

D25 pushed 6029 back into the shed just in time for lunch. After a good feed the crew jumped back into the fitting of the leading coupling and connecting rods. The valve gear re-work continued with the team progressing well with the polishing and re-fit.

The overall work plan is to continue with the fitting of all the motion components (coupling, connecting, valve gear) and with the rear bunker now out of the way, the hind lubrication system.

The hind bunker stoker motor system including the screw trough will be the next major task in the coming months. Significantly this represents the last of the of the major rebuilds and once completed the hind bunker will be lowered back into place.

The obvious question is when will the steam trials start. To keep a long story short, its basically up to our ability to raise funds and the continued support of our volunteer work force. In real terms we are about 80% through the project and if we can increase our volunteer work force with just a few more regulars we will be lighting the first match later this year. If you haven't been on site for a while or even if you are a new face you will be most welcome.

Work days are now every Saturday and the third Sunday of every month.