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Sep 22, 2011

Sunday 18th September

With the Garratt having been moved into the shed during the week, today was mostly spent collecting parts that we need in the next few months and moving them closer to the new work area. As such, not a lot of progress is visible in the photos, but its all work that needs to be done. Welcome also to a few new volunteers, Duncan and Rory.

Jobs that are high on the list include refitting the stokers elevator tube and firing table in the cab, followed by a new floor. The ashpan is receiving attention in Goulburn, and should be ready to fit shortly, along with the grate assembly.

You can see from the photos that our regular steam hauled trains with 3016 are looking great, they are a great way to pass a day if your in the area. It wont be long and we will be able to put 6029 to work at the front of the train... Now that will be nice!

Sep 17, 2011

A Riveting Day!

For those that are interested in the almost lost art of hot riveting, here is a video of the work we did.... Its noisy, hot and requires a team of people to make it possible, but it is very satisfying work when you look at the end result. Thanks so much to our old mates from Goodwin Alco, Steve, Creagh and Dave... Without their invaluable help, the cab would not be finished and already back on the loco.

Video by Steve Preston and Creagh Maywald... Thanks Guys!

Sep 15, 2011

What A Day!

It was a big day for everyone today.... Not only did Malcolm drive the cab to Canberra after it was loaded, Alan managed to get the Garratt out of the siding where we were parked in by 4468 and some other rolling stock... He even got the cab back on the loco as the sun went down and the Garratt shunted into the shed in the dark.

Also delivered from Eveleigh on the truck today were a lovely set of new crew seats for the Garratt and 2 repaired and recovered seats for one of our CPH Railmotors. The work was done by master trimmer Matt Fasan, and kindly financed our old mates at Goodwin Alco. Thanks Matt... Awesome job!


BIG News!

Yes....thats right!

The day is not over yet and there are more photos to come, but the cab is on its way from Sydney, and by tonight, will be reunited with the loco. While the cab was being loaded. Al has done a shunt in Canberra to get the Garratt out from behind 4468 where we have been working and is now ready move it into the shed so that we can work in comfort, and relative cleanliness as we progress the reassembly.

Word has it that the loco was very easy to move and shows no signs of the binding that caused it to derail last time it was moved.... Awesome news.... Well done to everyone!


Sep 12, 2011

Sunday 11th of September

The rivets are done and the cab will be on the move this week!

Finally, after a lot of work and a lot of waiting, the cab is pretty much finished. The final riveting was completed today with the invaluable assistance of Goodwin Alco.

Steve, Craig and Dave from Goodwin Alco and Mike R and Mal from the ARHS ACT got together and finalized the riveting in order to allow the cab to be removed from Eveleigh's Large Erecting Shop... And just in time too!

As you can see in the pictures, the lions share of the work is complete, and if you compare the before and after pics, it really is looking quite good.

Even better is that the Cab will go directly from the back of a truck onto the loco.... Now that will look good!

Once it is back in place on the loco, some new glazing will be sourced and fitted, along with new handrails and associated fittings. This will also allow Al to complete the brake system refit the reverser and fit the new floor in the cab.... Awesome, its all coming together!

There is definitely light at the end of this tunnel!
Mike Reynell

Sep 7, 2011

Saturday 3 September 2011

The plan for the day was very simple... it was to compete all outstanding tasks to ensure that 6029 could be safely shunted. So we started off in the smoke box as the forty 7/8 BSW bolts had to be fitted to secure the boiler in place. The problem is that all of theses holes had been welded up when the boiler was used in stationary service. As fast as we were trying to drill out the holes the drill bits would become blunt and useless. Solution, get a bigger drill, use plenty of cutting fluid and keep sharpening the drills. By lunch time we had roughed out about 12 holes and we had had enough, so our next workday will involve a very large air drill and maybe some colorful language.

Mark and Alan started the fit up of the air compressor's Nathan mechanical lubricator and associate pipe work. Tony continued to dot around the locomotive with black paint as it seems we had missed few spots, it is over 100 feet long!

Back at the cab end Graeme Kidgell completed the installation of the fireman’s side boiler feed lines. Andy Heys prepped the last of the cab mounting bolt holes and also had time to sneak in a few cups of tea. You just cant get good help theses days!

By days end we received news that the Eveleigh team had almost finished the cab and that one more day should do it.

All being well the cab will be back in Canberra before then end of the month and will go straight onto the locomotive. Updates will be posted as the details firm up.

Alan Gardner