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Apr 6, 2009

Saturday 4 April workday

Note..next workday is Sunday 19 April; 0900-1600 or thereabouts.

A great day...perfect weather yes, it does sometimes happen in Canberra! Come along on the 19th to experience it.

Al and Gav played tinplaters ..they made good progress in cutting, shaping and fitting cladding [for out - of staters "cleading"] around the "new" boiler firebox area, looks sooooo good without rust holes!

Peter R wondered aloud if he could still spray paint and found that the lessons learned first time around could still be remembered, Al's comment was "looks like you have a job, again!

Howard M, Mike Ridley Roger and Stewart [sorry, do not know if I got this right] worked away at the boiler frame..rust removal...undercoat and even some black enamel. It looks great chaps!

On a broader aspect other things were happening too on Saturday:
the 1 2 1 0 was being steamed and beautifully polished by Brigadeer Brasso amd David Carroll along with a new recruit; the purpose being to provide a backdrop for some wedding fotos.
[ a picta, please, Mr VP MacAndo?]

the 3016 was having a paint tone-up by Dave Malcolm and Andy, looks good, guys!

Our Heritage diesel 4807 was off at the Highland Games with a full load of happy customers, Brigadoon looked to being well celebrated when Mike Ridley and I took a happy snap on the way home.