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Jan 18, 2011

16-17 January 2011.

Our first workdays of 2011 got off to a good start as for once it wasn’t raining in Canberra. Large puddles of water were still prevalent but at least the forecast was for a fine and sunny weekend.

The object of the weekend was to install the third bogie(hind inner) under the hind unit. Andy and Tony continued to clean up the hind unit bogie pivot and sub assembles to facilitate the final fit of the bogie in question. No surprises here except for more coal fines in the frame casing cavities. This area directly below the coal screw conveyer and bunker so we guessed that there may have been some overflow when 6029 was being filled up for its runs. The final fit out of the bogie consumed significantly more time than we estimated as the project manger couldn’t work out the difference between left and right. As a result of this three attempts were made to fit the pedestal keep plates, third time lucky hey!

Paul stripped down the hind unit draft package(the big spring that absorbs the in train buffing forces) on the hind unit and as usual more road grime was present. The bottom retaining plate holding the draft package in place was cleaned down and crack tested with no issues identified. However the ¾" nuts were almost non existent from the effects of rust...Replacement nuts and bolts have now been ordered.

At 16:00 hrs on Sunday the inner hind bogie was lowered into position will little bother or fuss although the hot and tired crew were ready for a well earned drink and pat on the back.

Alan Gardner

While this was happening in Canberra, the cab was again receiving attention at Eveleigh, with more new panels being fitted. In one of the best turnouts we have had for a long time, Mike, Mike, Ron and Malcolm were onsite for the day. Lots of hands made light work, allowing the new roof panels to be trial fitted and they are a surprisingly good fit. The roof is made in three sections and are yet to be trimmed and welded together, but there is most certainly light at the end of the tunnel.

By the end of the day, all the panels that make up the sides of the cab had been refitted and we had even managed rehang a door with new hinges...It wont be long now and we can rivet it all back together.

Jan 11, 2011

What happens when an armament fitter gets interested in steam?

Ian Senini has outdone himself with his latest project.... Take a look at the wonderful job he has done on the mechanical lubricators for the Garratt!
He has transformed the old, neglected lubricators into what I suggest is easily better than new condition.

Have a look at the before pictures, and compare them with the after... You will see what I mean! And then look at how complex they are... Every output is an individually metered, self contained pump, and Ian has rebuilt every one...

Well done Ian!