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Apr 20, 2009

What happened away from Steamfest 18/19 April

yes, the world continued on...Mike Ridley continued work on the cab at Eveleigh [though he was tempted to look at other activity centered around preparing a 38 class, the fiftyniner and the P [actually, two P class in the shed this day] . And a wonderful opportunity to chew the fat with like-minded people from all over over the best BBQ lunch in the rail restoration movement.

On the big day in Canberra ten or so turned up to work on the big engine which saw the superheater header offered back to the smokebox, the main steam pipe reinstalled [thanks, Bruce for making the special bolt, and Mike for finally remembering where he hid the strap and Gav for hiding in the boiler whilst doing the work!] and more painting, painting and painting. Three new faces too, and of course the second best BBQ!

All this with our little mate, 3016 steaming out to Bungendore, again..and having a bit of a slip on the way back..look at Andy's blog for info on that .

There is a feeling now of [mild] confidence as we are more putting it back together than pulling it apart. Help us by donating or coming along and doing a bit.

Work days in Canberra are FIRST SATURDAY and THIRD SUNDAY...but see Alans [forthcoming] comments about the JULY superweek.