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Jul 6, 2009

Superweek 2009 has started

The July superweek has started and there has been a good turnout with the promise of a few more participants later in the week.

Saturday 4 July Workday

Report from Peter Reynell

Another successful day, made the more memorable because it was the 33rd anniversary of the Garratt’s first trip under ARHS ACT Accreditation. And we had a little party to celebrate. Lindsay Richmond [another survivor of those early days] and I reminisced over some slides [yes, even a projector was used!] and about 25 people from the various work parties on site were shown the good old days and a good time…our ARHS on train catering crew including Chris S and Lindy S put on a much better than usual spread. Imagine Roast Beef, Oven baked Chicken fillet, party pies and salad , as well as hot doggies; sausages and all the accomaniements.And even cake!
Thanks, crew, you did us proud.

A special thanks to Brian Nye, Chief Executive of the Australasian Railway Association for coming along to offer some very encouraging words.

Oh, and we did some work too..ends were rescued from the old superheater elements, more black paint went on the boiler cradle and Paul Quinn lit a huge fire under the engine unit which eventually liberated the very frozen solid pony truck bearing which caused the angst months ago when the pony truck came off the rails. A long overdue apology to Lindsay, we always chose to blame his trackwork..sorry, Oldmate. (Some did, some knew better...Mike)

Work on the bogies has commenced with the front units hind bogie receiving attention. The lateral control springs from all four bogies should be in Sydney by the end of the week to be overhauled while the crew work on the bogies.