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Oct 18, 2010

Sunday 17 October 2010

Work on the leading engine unit continues as the highest priority. Andy Hayes and David Clark continued to drill out the broken set screw that attach the sheet metal cladding to the cylinders. The screws that are closest to the valves would not un screw and in most cases snapped off. Drilling the broken screws has not been easy as the drill bits are losing their edge very quickly and the team has had lots of practice sharpening drills. The completed holes then receive a dot of pink spray paint and the cylinders seem to now have pink spot fever. The leading drivers side cylinder is all most completed...only three to go guys.

Ian reports that one of the four mechanical lubricators is now completed. As previously reported Ian has been doing this work in the comfort of his home workshop. Well done Ian, again only three to go.

Alan and Jack Barker continued with the front tank by drilling out two broken bolts that mount the electrical conduit to tank. The bronze plate with the numbers 6029 was refitted to the leading fireman's side. Not a high priority job but satisfying all the same.

The rebuilt bogie lateral control springs are now on site and were fitted to the hind inner bogie. This bogie was found to be in the worst condition out of the four. This can be attributed to the fact that it is located directly under the coal conveyor's screw. It is now looks almost like new, minus about four wheel barrow loads of coal dust.

Thanks to David for cooking lunch.

Alan Gardner