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Aug 29, 2009

Raffle Winners

The Project 6029 raffle has now been run and won. Thanks to everyone who have supported the project and purchased tickets. The raffle was very well supported with sales coming from as far afield as America and England. Thanks should also go to those who took on the task of selling the tickets.

The winner of the Eureka 60 class model was Mr S Buck of Roseville, NSW.

Second place, The 60 Class book was won by Mr T Kilgannon of Dundas Valley, NSW.

Thanks again

Aug 18, 2009

Turbo generator

Thanks to the efforts of our good friend Percy Forrester 6029 now has a Stones 32 volt generator. A few months ago we put out a plea and as usual Percy has come up with the goods. The delivery took place from Queensland thanks to Percy’s friend Paul.

Well done Percy!!

Alan Gardner

Aug 3, 2009

Saturday 1 August 2009

The first of the four bogies is now looking great with a top coat of black enamel paint. The two bogie lateral control springs have been dispatched to Sydney for rebuild and the overhaul of Nathan oil distribution system is completed. It is anticipated that this bogie will be completed in the next couple of months. Interesting to note that it is stamped as 6018.

The boiler cradle is looking great as the overhauled components are progressively being bolted back. The three rollers and brackets that support the cradle revering gear are now ready for fitting. Again we can confirm with these components that we are not rebuilding 6029,rather it’s a collection of 60 class components that are being badged as 6029. The numbers on the three rollers are 6019,6024 and 6027.

The refit of the back head boiler cladding continued with the with about 90% of cladding sheets finished. So yet again the usual undercoat and two top coats are being applied. At this stage we will only complete the cladding of the fire box area until the boiler is lifted onto the cradle.

Our next workday is Sunday the 16th of August.

Alan Gardner