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Sep 14, 2012

An overview of work to date

After five years of toil through freezing winters and hot summer heat waves we are now at a point where we are now have to consider how we will operate 6029. From the teams perspective we have to actually pinch ourselves as we have come so far from that first workday in August 2007.

6029 now resides in the museums large shed in preparation of the final paint job over summer. The myriad of smaller components that have been stored, ready for use, are now seeing the light as they are fitted on to the locomotive proper.

The leading tank is now in place and the valve gear on the leading engine unit is almost done and dusted.
Our last workday involved the laying out of the pipe work for the smoke box including the blast pipe with all of the small bore pipe work.

The off-site teams have now almost completed the rebuild of the stoker motor and power reversing gear.
This all means that yes, we are heading in the right direction towards throwing that first match in the firebox.

Having said all that we need your help now both financially and with man power. Our workdays are now held every Saturday. If you would like to donate to our appeal, all donations are tax deductible.
2013 is now shaping up to be the year of 6029 and yes you are most welcome to join us for the ride.

Alan Gardner

1 September 2012

The re assembly of the left leading valve gear and coupling rods
continued with the fitting of the coupling rod. As this rod is very
heavy, a chain block was used to lift it into position. This task is
not easy and requires a specific sequence to be followed as the crew
found out. Yes you can fit the roller bearing around the wrong way
and no, you cant fit the tapered sleeve to match.

The 18 fitted bolts that secure the front tank to the main frame were
taken out of storage and cleaned up with the wire brush. These bolt
assemblies are unique as the are fitted with a spring that the
prevents the nuts loosening off. Having said that it also makes is
hard to fit. The crew still had to make more timber packing to
fits between the tank and the main frame, so it was off to the timber
store to find some hard wood.

The cab timber lining received another coat of clear varnish and the
support strapping was painted in gloss black The next work day should
see all the roof work finished and with this done, the electrical
conduit will be next.

Our workdays are now held every Saturday and as the weather is now
warning up we are planing to hold a super week in October
(accommodation available). Date to be advised.

Alan Gardner