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Sep 22, 2008

sunday 21st Sept

Workday Sunday 21 September was a perfect Canberra spring day..ideal for the small group of workers to watch 3016 go off to the Bungendore Market day, to watch miniature trains on the CSME minature railway [including a little 73class, and notably a GWR goods train] and to do some much need tidying up of the replacement boiler. Photos show Peter Gleeson and Barry Peffer cleaning up after Alan Gardner has removed even more of the bits and bobs attached for stationary boiler use.

Another photo shows some of the refurbished boiler fittings back in place preparatory to the hydrostatic test.

Whist there were only a few physically present on Sunday; work continues apace..for example Ron Denholm has completed treating the external surfaces of the cab at Eveleigh; and Mike Reynell collected, with thanks to 3801 Limited and our extended family at Eveleigh; the boiler test gear needed for SuperWeek.