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Oct 6, 2010

A brief interlude...

It is pleasing to report that it is now three years since we first started work days on site at the Canberra railway museum. As far as the project goes we are well past the half way stage and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter after each work day. It seems like it was only yesterday that a small group of enthusiastic volunteers was standing in front of 6029 ready to get their hands dirty. Since that day we have achieved many milestones but more importantly many new friendships. To date we have registered 73 people who have helped out. A heartfelt thanks to everyone.

A direct result of the project success has been the willingness of many other groups and individuals who have offered both in kind and finical assistance. Without this help we would still have many years ahead of us. The many individuals have been mentioned in past reports and again thanks goes out to them. Our greatest supporters are our old mates at Goodwin Alco and in particular Steve Preston and Bob Gioia. Their help has been significant to the project’s success but again lifelong friendships have been forged. An ironic note is that Goodwin Alco were the manufactures of diesels, so it could be suggested that they look at becoming Garratt- Goodwin Alco! Naturally steam always comes first!

Saturday 2 October 2010,

Work continued on bogies 3 and 4 , the last bogie frame was cleaned down and standard grey primer as applied. Three lateral control springs are all that stand in the way of the final assembly of bogies 3 & 4. The springs have been rebuilt by an external contractor and the final buckling will be completed in the next few weeks.

Now that the bogie work is coming to an end, some of the team are now focusing on the leading engine unit. Andy Hays is methodically drilling and tapping out 68 cylinder cladding bolt holes(per cylinder) in preparation of the fitting of the sheets. Our newest team member Andrew Bridger started the strip down of the leading engine unit valve gear and motion. The big end bearing puller tool has proven its worth with both con-rods removed with no fuss. All roller bearing are in good condition but will be pressed out to facilitate the NDT and polishing of the rods. David Clark started the rebuild of the king pin locking mechanism for the hind inner bogie.

Our next workday is Sunday the 17th of October.

Alan Gardner