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Dec 8, 2010

Saturday 4 December 2010

The leading engine unit is now staring to look like a complete locomotive. Andy Hays and Howard Moffatt spent a few hours going over the last bits of the grey primer. The trailing end of the leading unit was given a final coat of black in preparation for the fitting of the leading inner bogie. This bogie has been finished for some time now, but could not be fitted as a new centre pivot bush was being manufactured. The new bush was completed by a contractor early on in the week. The female pivot on the bogie was full of water due to Canberra wet spring and as a result of this some surface rust had to be cleaned off before the bush could fitted. Lachlan took out the water and cleaned out the surface rust. The bush was fitted with a good size for size fit and some long tack welds were also applied to ensued that the bush will remain properly fitted. The leading engine unit was lifted and the bogie rolled into place with no issues. There is nothing more pleasing when a plan comes together like clockwork.

Andrew Bridger and Graeme Kidgell continued with the strip down and assessment of the hind unit valve gear and motion. It all looks to be in good condition but the years of grime will see endless hours of polishing.

From an overview perspective the fitting of the last two bogies to the hind unit will be the top priority but before this can take place, many components that the bogies stop access to will have to be addressed. Items such as the coupling and draft gear will have to now be dropped out. Hey haven’t we done this before, oh yes....its a Garratt. Twice the loco and twice the fun!

Alan Gardner