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Sep 23, 2009

Sunday 21 September 2009

Once again Canberra turned on some beautiful spring weather and as a result of this the painting of the boiler cradle was completed. Stuart and Howard disappeared under the cab floor area applying the last coats of black enamel. The cradle reversing reach rods and rollers were also painted ready for fitting.

Mike Reynell delivered the steam pipe spacing rings made by an external contractor in Sydney. These rings will
facilite the fitting of the insulation and cladding to the main steam pipe that runs down the right side of the boiler cradle to the hind engine unit.

The front end throttle overhaul is being completed by Mike Reynell at his Sydney works. Mike showed off his handy work with the completed repair of the throttle shaft. He is now focusing on the main vales and associated fittings. Ian has also been beavering away at home with the last of the backhead sheets and he advises that the final fit is only days away. His biggest issues has been the neighbours washing and the over-spray drifting over the fence.

The re-assembly of the first bogie continued with the repaired manganese liner’s fitted. The brake equipment for this bogie was assessed and re-painted for eventual fitting.

Our next work day is Saturday the 3rd of October. Work will again focus on the bogie rebuilds.

Alan Gardner