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Apr 25, 2009

hi ho; hi ho..its off to work we go...

on Saturday 2 May [and happy birthday Mike R] and Sunday 17th ...location..the big engine@ Canberra Railway Museum.Lots to do, something for everyone.

Apr 24, 2009

Sunday 20 April 2009

It is pleasing to report that work day was well attended, resulting in some excellent progress.

Even before the weekend Bruce has been busy manufacturing many of the small components required to keep up with the re assembly work. Because of Bruce’s efforts the centrifugal steam separator in the dome was final fitted by Gavin, although it was a tight squeeze. With only some minor work required Gavin will re fit the steam dome and complete the final out of the boiler.

The boiler cradle clean up and assessment continued at a rapid rate. Marc continued with the steam cleaner and Howard was assisted by Stuart on the needle gun. Alan completed the work on the main steam lines under the cab. David and Stuart helped out with the cladding sheets for the back head as they will have to be fitted before the boiler is lowered into the cradle.

Two new volunteers Kyle Rowlingson and John Kempton started on the day and as a result the hind engine unit some sports some gloss black paint. During the afternoon the superheater header was trial fitted and all being well the next workday should see it fitted into place.

If we can keep up the good attendance we anticipate completing the boiler cradle work in the next couple of months. In parallel work is continuing on the change over boiler and this work should be completed about the same time line as the cradle.

Thanks to the efforts of Carl on the super heater header two weeks ago we will put off lowering the boiler on to the cradle and inturn the elements will be fitted while the boiler is on the ground. To this end we are proposing to hold a super week in July to facilitate the fitting of the elements and smoke box. So If you have some annual leave up your sleave and would like to enjoy a full week straight of steam fitting you are most welcome. Accommodation is available in our luxurious BAM sleeper carriages thanks to Matt and Trev.

As the preparation work on the boiler and cradle is coming to a end we will start to look at the removal of the four bogies from off the engine units. Preliminary inspection has revealed some very sick lateral control springs and some of the horn liners will need replacing also. As soon as we can get our crane driver Michael Potter away from his ever expanding family we will lift the engine units clear of the bogies. Our old mates from Eveleigh have offered to come down when the warmer weather returns in September and we are hope that they can help out with the bogie rebuilds.

Alan Gardner

As you can see, pictures this month show that the visible progress is now starting to accelerate, and you will see that the grey undercoat, that was becoming quite dominant in last months pictures, is now starting to disappear under top coats of black and red paint. Great stuff!

Apr 20, 2009

What happened away from Steamfest 18/19 April

yes, the world continued on...Mike Ridley continued work on the cab at Eveleigh [though he was tempted to look at other activity centered around preparing a 38 class, the fiftyniner and the P [actually, two P class in the shed this day] . And a wonderful opportunity to chew the fat with like-minded people from all over over the best BBQ lunch in the rail restoration movement.

On the big day in Canberra ten or so turned up to work on the big engine which saw the superheater header offered back to the smokebox, the main steam pipe reinstalled [thanks, Bruce for making the special bolt, and Mike for finally remembering where he hid the strap and Gav for hiding in the boiler whilst doing the work!] and more painting, painting and painting. Three new faces too, and of course the second best BBQ!

All this with our little mate, 3016 steaming out to Bungendore, again..and having a bit of a slip on the way back..look at Andy's blog for info on that .

There is a feeling now of [mild] confidence as we are more putting it back together than pulling it apart. Help us by donating or coming along and doing a bit.

Work days in Canberra are FIRST SATURDAY and THIRD SUNDAY...but see Alans [forthcoming] comments about the JULY superweek.

Apr 6, 2009

Saturday 4 April workday

Note..next workday is Sunday 19 April; 0900-1600 or thereabouts.

A great day...perfect weather yes, it does sometimes happen in Canberra! Come along on the 19th to experience it.

Al and Gav played tinplaters ..they made good progress in cutting, shaping and fitting cladding [for out - of staters "cleading"] around the "new" boiler firebox area, looks sooooo good without rust holes!

Peter R wondered aloud if he could still spray paint and found that the lessons learned first time around could still be remembered, Al's comment was "looks like you have a job, again!

Howard M, Mike Ridley Roger and Stewart [sorry, do not know if I got this right] worked away at the boiler frame..rust removal...undercoat and even some black enamel. It looks great chaps!

On a broader aspect other things were happening too on Saturday:
the 1 2 1 0 was being steamed and beautifully polished by Brigadeer Brasso amd David Carroll along with a new recruit; the purpose being to provide a backdrop for some wedding fotos.
[ a picta, please, Mr VP MacAndo?]

the 3016 was having a paint tone-up by Dave Malcolm and Andy, looks good, guys!

Our Heritage diesel 4807 was off at the Highland Games with a full load of happy customers, Brigadoon looked to being well celebrated when Mike Ridley and I took a happy snap on the way home.