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Mar 29, 2009

Worth a read...The Down Home with Andy!

One of our guys has recently started a blog that will talk in general terms of his railway experiences, and some about the daily operations of the Canberra Railway Museum. Click here to have a look. I am sure it will develop into an interesting read!

Mar 26, 2009

eating humble pie...

A sincere apology to Dennis Rittson... we mistakenly attributed four of his photos to the wrong photographer.

The pix are 6029 and K153 running side by side on the way to Wangaratta in June 1980.
two uncaptioned shots during the Great Circle tour in June 1981.

As soon a webmasterMike can, he will make the corrections.

Meantime, sorry Dennis

Mar 18, 2009

Sunday 15 March

The super heater header was examined for any flaws and found to be in good condition. The last of the fitted bolts were extracted and all of the mounting flanges were cleaned out and assessed. The lapping in of the pilot, drifting and main valves x 4 was completed. All studs where extracted and the holes were tapped out clean to ¾ BSW. The header was turned on its side and the re-machining of the 100 element seats started with the aid of Gavin’s magnetic base drill. The two main reservoirs for the brake system were removed in preparation for and internal examination by our boiler inspector. Some of the support brackets for the steam exhaust lines were also removed for replacement.

Our next workday will be held on the Saturday the 4th of April 2009. The main focus of work will be the boiler cradle.

Alan Gardner

Mar 10, 2009

where are you Ron?

Cabin Boy, we are missing you..Mike and I [in my role as 'gofetch'] have begun the rust repairs, last Saturdaay we worked in the back corner on the drivers side.

Mike Ridley patiently and carefully treated the cladding ring and other parts re-assembled on the previous workday.

Thanks again the the chaps at the LES for your hospitality.

Mar 9, 2009

Saturday March 7, 2009.

A beautiful autumn day with mild temperatures was a welcome change from the summer scorchers we have experienced on previous work days. An early phone call from the guys at Eveleigh was pleasing to note as on this day work is progressing in parallel on many fronts all over NSW. The new smoke box floor is now fitted and the temporary attachment of the blast pipe will facilitate the final fit of the smoke stack. The superheater header is work continuing with the lapping in of the pilot and drifting valves. The clean down and assessment of the boiler cradle revealed no issues and a coat of grey primer was applied to the entire right hand side. The two main reservoirs were disassembled in preparation for internal inspection and hydrostatic test. Work continues on the hind unit and the headstock received its second coat of red paint.

Alan Gardner

While the work continued in Canberra, work is also being undertaken in Sydney at the Large Erecting Shop in Eveleigh. The guys from 3801 Limited have made some space, and along with a few of the Canberra regulars, are restoring the cab to its previous glory. Ron Denholm has done a great job of removing years of grime and corrosion, having spent many a day with the needle gun, and now we are starting to repair the damage of years in the open. There is a lot of corroded material to remove and replace, some pieces to be re manufactured, and some modifications to be done before it is reunited with the frame in Canberra