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Jun 22, 2009

Sunday 21 June 2009

The start to the day was significantly delayed due very wet conditions that did not clear until midday. After the weather cleared David and Alf salvaged the useful parts off the unserviceable super heater elements.

Barry Peffer having returned from his overseas work, was reunited with the needle gun on the boiler cradle. Shaun Barker continued with the strip down and assessment of the front pivot. Gavin and Paul jacked up and removed the first of the four bogies revealing many years of grime and rust. As a result of this the leading unit is now a 4,8,0 and will soon be an 0,8,0. As suspected the lateral control springs will have to be send out for reconditioning.

Peter went out on the local steam train to Bungendore to sell raffle tickets, thanks Peter! Bruce drove down from Sydney to measure up the compressor bores confirming that they are within specification. Bruce also gave us a look at the great work he is dong with the power reverser and has promised some photos for the blog.

Our next work day is Saturday the 4th of July and Super week will start on Monday the 6th of July.

Alan Gardner.


Alan Gardner
Peter Reynell
Gavin Woolf
Paul Quinn
Shaun Barker
Jake Barker
Barry Peffer
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