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May 4, 2009

Saturday 2nd of May 2009

The boiler cradle rebuild continued with the continued efforts of Howard and Stuart. Stuart has also been coming in on the weekdays and as a result we should see the cradle frame completed in the next couple of months. Marc put his nine inch angle grinder to good use to prep the final welds required on the smoke box floor. Andrew Duffy removed the four Nathan mechanical lubricators off the engine units and we can now assess and bench test this vita equipment. Rodger Maynard continued to steam clean the leading engine and thanks to his efforts we should be able to start the application of paint soon.

Many of the boiler cladding sheets for the back head are in poor condition and Gavin’s new plasma cutter was put to good use for the first time. Marc and Ted experienced the joys of sheet metal work and a result the back head sheets are now about 90% complete.

Back in Sydney Mike Reynell is organising the manufacture of 50+ element washers and when completed we can start installing the new elements. As usual Bruce s continuing with the machining of the many replacement components.

Our next workday is Sunday the 17th of May starting at about 9 am, all welcome!

Alan Gardner