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Feb 13, 2015

Clean, Polish and Rings (Brief Update) Period Ending Sunday, 8 Feb 2015

The pressure is on!

Some say that pictures tell a thousand words and indeed if you view the sequence of photographs this is very true. Unlike previous collections of photographs thisupdate includes many different aspects of volunteering life at the yard at present. It is varied as we are contributing not only 6029, but also 4403 and 3016 to the Thirlmere gathering. This means many varied and interesting jobs for us all.

Carriage maintenance and preparation is never to be forgotten and as the pictures attest, there is a lot going on in repairing and refurbishing the rolling stock.

Painting of the exterior after significant work of the roof of many of the carriages is happening all the time at a fearful pace and the results are very impressive to see. A fine tribute to the work the guys are putting in.

Cleaning and polishing and painting are some of the jobs we need to get 6029 looking slick but wait there’s more! Not only has the essential cosmetic and minor remediation being going on some very major and perhaps significantly more important work has been going on.

Piston rings – all of them have been received and fitted! That is 3 per piston by four and 2 sets of pairs for each valve. Ben has worked tirelessly to get these fitted and seated correctly. Ben has also been noted to swear a lot but he has again pulled a rabbit (or shim) out of his sleeve and aligned the slides for the crossheads on the rear engine. These were seriously out of alignment or wack as was described to the author.

Let’s not forget the new guards and covers on the steampipe that carries steam to the rear engine. These have been delivered for final measure and fit – thanks Jack

Some off site work has had to be done by a third party - one piece of hardware to receive such attention had been removed and sent to Sydney for building up and grinding back to working tolerance.  This repair had been completed and our logistics manager – aka Malcolm – had once again volunteered his transport vehicle – read “Barina” – to transport said arm back to Canberra.

The arm connecting the reversing rod with the reach rod was received back from the workshop after this work had been completed. Essentially it was found that the wear and tear of many years had created so much play that when travelling around corners the front engine’s valve settings would change from the rear engine – not a good thing on a Garratt. All going well the repaired are would be placed back in the appropriate location (under the plates in front of the smoke box) on the following day.

The boys worked hard on Pot Belly Black painting (a change from Super Enamel Black – not) by cleaning the fire grate area and associated pipe work and smoke box. Many hands young and old contributed so a vast area and some 4 pots later all was covered in said paint. With the fresh paint and the judicious polishing of copper pipe work there was a need to step back and admire the work! Again well done guys, nice job done well.

Polishing of the brass work will never cease but preparation of the surface with fine grinding paste and elbow grease means that the lustre will last longer so again the team wire brushed and polished the numbers, the window frames and copper pipes.

Let’s not forget there has been lots of work going on in the shed as well. 3016 has received a enormous amount of work from Carl with redoing all boiler tubes by re-expanding the tubes into the tubeplate to seal each one (some say Carl set up house in the fire box as he spent more time in there than at home but thats not quite true). The rods have been removed so that the bearings could be properly inspected and those needing it were sent away for re-metalling. These have now been received and refitted. Ben has also been noted to be assisting in the work on 3016 as well, in particular the installation of ICE radio antennas etc.

Oh let’s not forget something – to get to the tube ends properly in 3016...guess what! The arch has to be removed, usually with a jack hammer. So that means a new one has to be built and using drawings from old and a calculator of new Mike has built a set of computer cut frames for the molds so that the arch can be poured in situ and repeated exactly the same next time we have to perform heavy maintenance in the firebox.

Combine the above work with a paint job of Pot Belly Black to the smoke box and you will have another fine engine travelling to Thirlmere.

Enough said – enjoy the photos and see you at Thirlmere