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Sep 20, 2010

Sunday 20 September 2010

A quick check of the weather radar confirmed that all would be well for the up coming days work. The rain fall in the past month has help ease Canberra's water shortage but it hasn't helped to progress of work on 6029.

The initial job of the day was to have another go at extracting the first of the four connecting rods. The pin at the little end was knocked out with little resistance but the hydraulic pulling tool was required to complete the extraction of the big end. The roller bearing is in good condition but it will be pressed out to facilitate the crack testing and polishing etc.

Andy Hays started to drilling out the broken bolts that secure the cylinder cladding to the cylinders. We anticipate many hours of fun here. Andy will also strip down the old cylinder covers to recover some of the more complicated tin work.

The leading outer bogie was once again lifted out following on from the first trial fit. One of the horn keep plates was removed as it was twisted, we suspect as the result of a derailment in government service. A replacement keep was fitted and all is now well. This bogie is almost ready for its final fit.

Mike Ridley continued with the strip down and assessment of the brake/electrical systems. As predicted some of the pipe work is full of grease and grime and as a consequence of this Mike has rigged up a flexible cleaning snake.

As the temperature is steadily increasing our attention will again re focus on painting, be it all over black.

Alan Gardner