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May 22, 2012

With winter fast approaching, the early morning starts are very cold to say the least. Today was no exception with ice on the ground and the thermometer reading minus 5°C at 7am. After several hot coffee's, the team continued with the preparation around the underside of the leading water tank. The years of splashed up cylinder oil and road grime have been removed and the usual grey under coat and all over black have been applied. It is hoped that this work will be completed at the next workday in preparation for the final fit of the tank to the leading engine unit. Thanks to David and Malcolm, as working upside down is not easy.

The coupling and connecting rods have been crack tested and the polishing is realising good results. The driving wheels have been lined up and the locomotive was moved forward for about four feet to facilitate the best position for the eventual fitting of the coupling rods.The valve gear fit out is progressing, but we will need more willing hands to help progress what could be called arduous work.

The cab fit out is gaining momentum with a small team lead by our resident expert, Ian. The myriad of steam and air pipes are slowly going back together and the pile of stored pipes is getting smaller every workday. Graeme has worked out the best way to refit the control valves for the air compressor and the blower control with the fitting of the spindles (20 foot long) that run from the cab thought the boiler hand rail connecting to the vales attached at the smoke box end.

Our next workday is Saturday 2 June all welcome. Winter woollies will be essential.

Alan Gardner