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Sep 10, 2008

work direction for sept/oct

The critical path at present is to continue to prep the boiler for the hydrostatic test and the removal of the old boiler out of the frame. For the next few months work will focus on the following.

New boiler
Tap out and fit all new studs to boiler.
Remove remaining studs on steam manifold
Finish making all gaskets
Fit new studs to steam manifold
Re-pack main steam stop valve
Fit manifold to boiler, use Dixons graphite jointing compound. Leave two ¾ inch lugs off for pressure gauge fittings.
Fit blanking plates to safety valve seats
Fit whistle to boiler with Dixons graphite jointing compound
Anneal copper ring for steam dome
Fit steam dome cover, use Dixons graphite jointing compound
Fit clack valves, use Dixons graphite jointing compound
Fit blanking plate in front tube plate
Fit blowdown valves, use Dixons graphite jointing compound
Anneal Copper pipes for steam end gauge glass fittings to boiler
Fit gauge glass assemblies and steam pipes, use Dixons graphite jointing compound
Fit all wash out plugs, use Dixons jointing compound

New boiler smoke box
Oxy cut out all welded blanks & plugged bolt holes
Oxy cut saw mill bottom exhaust extraction ducting
Flush grind all surfaces to remove remaining welds, including smoke stack and super heater header cover.
Make and temp fit super heater header cover plate
Temp fit smoke stack
Order new smoke box floor
Fit new smoke box floor
Make and weld cut off air compressor mounting plate
Fit mounting plate support brackets
Repair and re fit front plate under door
Repair smoke box door wheel and dart bar
Fit aux mountings for blower, air comp etc
Repair and fit/weld grid brackets

Old boiler
1. Remove remaining saddle bolts
2. Disconnect remaining steam and exhaust bolts under smoke box
3. Survey entire boiler ensuring nothing is still connecting the boiler to the cradle

Other tasks
Continue to steam clean engine units
Strip down of front tank
Clean up site, i.e. collect all serviceable nuts and bolts
Head stocks leading and hind... electric wire brush clean down and under coat
Remove brake stands
Remove rocking grate lever stand
Replace studs on DS steam pipe
Steam clean top of bunker, tool box and under coat
Remove stoker screw and slides

Alan Gardner