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Aug 21, 2008

Progress Report August/September 2008

Teams are working on different aspects of the project.

The cab is at the large erecting shop at Eveleigh where a small group of Sydney members, under direction of 3801 Ltd and Goodwin Alco Pty Ltd are preparing it for protective paint and the construction of a new cab inner roof. After rust removal and necessary rust repairs the first coat of undercoat is being applied to external surfaces. New timber window frames, fitted with safety glass have been manufactured, using the historic machinery preserved in the Old Erecting Shop

Many boiler fittings are being renovated off site by experienced hands, including Bruce Manuel in Camden, Mike Reynell in Hornsby and Michael Potter in parts unknown.

The replacement boiler is being prepared for hydrostatic pressure testing by a team which includes Project Manager Alan Gardner, Peter Reynell, Shawn Barker and the Society’s employed fitters Gavin Woolf and Andrew Duffy. This work is nearly finished, the surfaces for fittings have been cleaned and prepared to receive the re-conditioned safety valves, clack valves, water gauge glasses and pressure gauges. Many of the detailed modifications from the boilers' use as a stationery unit are being removed to prepare it for its new role. One very important part of the work is replacement of all the studs with which fittings are mounted as they are mostly crystallized after 50 years. The studs around the dome for the cover are being replaced too.

The old boiler, which will eventually be repaired for re-instalation in the locomotive is almost ready to come out. On 2 August, with valuable help from the society’s vintage Hyster fork lift a team including Roger Maynard, Ted Chuter, Alan and Mike removed the ash pan ; the last significant impediment to the boiler’s removal. it is anticipated that boiler removal will take place in the last week of September.

Previous work had concentrated on removing live and exhaust steam pipes in the smoke box and all the superheater elements after access was gained by removal of the petticoat and exhaust skirt. Lifting the cross compound compressor off tested the capacity of the fork lift. On Sunday 17 August 20, 2008 the coal supply screw was removed, complete with coal from twenty years ago. Tedious tasks that you would not think about, such as removal of the strapping that the boiler cladding fits to are also being undertaken.

An assessment has been made of the condition of the front tank. Unfortunately the floor is rusted beyond repair so the decision will be made to build a new unit, adding some $30000 to the restoration budget. The rear tank is in better order, requiring only some repair to the coal delivery chute.

Another seemingly endless task is steam cleaning of the engine units. Marc has the rear unit half done, and is expected to reemerge when the job is completed some time in the future.

The final task currently under way is removal of connecting rods and associated valve gear so that roller bearings can be assessed and reconditioned where necessary. This is a task allocated to the staff, who work one day per week on 6029, financed by our fund raising efforts. They work too, as volunteeers, such is their pride in the project.

Alan Gardner

Project Manager