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Jun 5, 2012

Saturday 2 June 2012

The 6029 management team recently met to review the project plan against the original Gantt chart. In general terms we are tracking well, and the large inventory of stripped components is reducing in size as they are progressively refitted to the locomotive. It is estimated that about 10% of the inventory is still to be fitted, however this means the 90% is fitted ready for operation. From a personal perspective, I am delighted with the high standard of work that the team has achieved, and a testament to this can be seen in the photos posted every month.  Some recent examples have been the Nathan mechanical lubricators, the air compressor and now the stoker motor. All have been completely stripped down to the last nut and bolt and been rebuilt better than new using the best materials available and to the highest possible standard. Another pleasing fact is that as the team rebuilds these sub-assemblies they are in fact becoming content experts on steam technology of the 1950’s. This expertise means that the end product that we are now realizing is something that the team can be very proud of.

Our extended network of help, led by our friends at Goodwin Alco has also helped the project significantly. The cab now looks as good as new, infact 80% of the cabs sheets are new, including the seats, new timber window frames and safety glass. The roof is presently being re-lined with cedar boards and yes, once again with help from Goodwin Alco.

The main focus of work in the winter months will be the fitting of the coupling and connecting rods followed soon after by the valve gear. Again the team is becoming very proficient at fitting the components of steam technology. However the fitting of the forged connecting rods will be facilitated with the use of contemporary lifting equipment.

We are now at a stage where the obvious question is being asked, when will 6029 be back in steam? Putting aside an end date guestimate, the answer will be in a review of what we still have to complete. That  Gantt chart still lists the ash pan, boiler cladding sheets, smoke box, steam piping, electrical system and the stoker trough, not to mention all of the small bore copper piping that is required to complete the brake system.

The big news is that we will be holding another super week on a date yet to be advised. For those who don’t know, we take a holiday from our day jobs to spend a full week working on 6029. A bit of a conundrum for the project manager, as he has now been appointed the museums general manager full time.  

Alan Gardner