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Sep 12, 2011

Sunday 11th of September

The rivets are done and the cab will be on the move this week!

Finally, after a lot of work and a lot of waiting, the cab is pretty much finished. The final riveting was completed today with the invaluable assistance of Goodwin Alco.

Steve, Craig and Dave from Goodwin Alco and Mike R and Mal from the ARHS ACT got together and finalized the riveting in order to allow the cab to be removed from Eveleigh's Large Erecting Shop... And just in time too!

As you can see in the pictures, the lions share of the work is complete, and if you compare the before and after pics, it really is looking quite good.

Even better is that the Cab will go directly from the back of a truck onto the loco.... Now that will look good!

Once it is back in place on the loco, some new glazing will be sourced and fitted, along with new handrails and associated fittings. This will also allow Al to complete the brake system refit the reverser and fit the new floor in the cab.... Awesome, its all coming together!

There is definitely light at the end of this tunnel!
Mike Reynell