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Sep 7, 2011

Saturday 3 September 2011

The plan for the day was very simple... it was to compete all outstanding tasks to ensure that 6029 could be safely shunted. So we started off in the smoke box as the forty 7/8 BSW bolts had to be fitted to secure the boiler in place. The problem is that all of theses holes had been welded up when the boiler was used in stationary service. As fast as we were trying to drill out the holes the drill bits would become blunt and useless. Solution, get a bigger drill, use plenty of cutting fluid and keep sharpening the drills. By lunch time we had roughed out about 12 holes and we had had enough, so our next workday will involve a very large air drill and maybe some colorful language.

Mark and Alan started the fit up of the air compressor's Nathan mechanical lubricator and associate pipe work. Tony continued to dot around the locomotive with black paint as it seems we had missed few spots, it is over 100 feet long!

Back at the cab end Graeme Kidgell completed the installation of the fireman’s side boiler feed lines. Andy Heys prepped the last of the cab mounting bolt holes and also had time to sneak in a few cups of tea. You just cant get good help theses days!

By days end we received news that the Eveleigh team had almost finished the cab and that one more day should do it.

All being well the cab will be back in Canberra before then end of the month and will go straight onto the locomotive. Updates will be posted as the details firm up.

Alan Gardner