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Aug 15, 2011

Restoration in the open!

Just in case you thought that we always had it good here in Canberra, take a look at these two panoramas of our outdoor resto's. Its cold and the rain was about to set in and stop work.

6029 is coming along very nicely, and will soon be moved undercover to have some of the finer work completed. We are all looking forward to having a roof over our heads, with a dry environment free of rain and sunburn after 5 years in the open. In truth, we have had a really good run, with very few workdays called off due to bad weather, but with the drought over and summer coming, that may all change.

4468 however will have to remain out doors for a while longer. You can see from the picture, that there has been a lot of work done already on removing and controlling corrosion in the frames that support the body, but there is still a lot to do. Note that the shop bogies look so wrong under a large diesel... In their past life they were under a 30 class tender.