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Feb 21, 2011

Sunday 20 February 2011

4-8-4 + 4-8-4. Theses numbers may not be significant to an bystander but to the 6029 team it is a significant milestone. After 14 months of hard dirty work we rolled under the last of the four bogie. As we are now proficient with Garratt bogies an initial trail fit took place to double check for clearance and alignment . A wise decision, as we found a problem with the bogie in place. The two outer driving wheels had no contact with the rail head by about 25 mm. Further investigation revealed that the brake adjusting pull rods were not backed off and consequently the brakes where holding the driving wheels clear of the rail. Both four inch AF adjusting screws were backed off and on the second lowering the wheels settled back in the correct orientation. Sighs of relief all round and the crew was very happy to step back an enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The hind units headstock and coupling area was stripped down for assessment but not before a nest of wasps were evicted from their home inside the casting crevices of the automatic coupling. The project manger was stung by one wasp who took exception to being moved out. After the wasps finally got the hint, Andy and Howard removed the coupling carrier plate, brake isolating cocks and with some persuasion, the automatic coupling. The short brake pipes from the isolating cocks to the first barrel unions will be replaced as they were in poor condition. The step on the right hand side of the head stock was straightened and repaired and in truth it has not been on the locomotive for many years. The damage sustained was due to a rough shunt many years ago. The hind unit draft package friction springs are being manufactured new by the local spring manufacture. Once the replacement springs are delivered the draft package and automatic coupling will re-fitted to the hind unit headstock.

Now that the bogies are in place the "A" team of Kyle and John completed the fit out of the brake and flexible hoses connecting to bogies to the engine units. Some of the pins and bushes on the brake hangers were replaced as the team was not happy with the sloppy fit. The flexible lube lines received a final visual inspection and as predicted all were in the correct place and are a good fit.

As a direct result of today’s work, we are now in a position to start planning the lowering the boiler cradle onto the engine units. Both pivots will be preset in accordance with the manufactures drawings. The pivots will be cleaned for the last time and then on goes the boiler cradle. We can now move onto this vital stage as we have recently received a significant donation from some of our supporters. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and because of your efforts, the next couple of months will see 6029 back together in three distinct pieces as an articulated locomotive. This will make the way clear for lowering the boiler into the cradle in the next month.

So its all go systems go for some exciting times ahead.

Keep steaming

Alan Gardner