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Feb 7, 2011

Saturday February 5 2011

The last of the four bogies was the main focus of the days work. The team fitted the flexible lube lines in time for Ian to deliver the next two sets of Nathan four way lubricators. The completed bogie was then transferred behind the trailing engine unit in preparation for its installation. We had to pinch ourselves...yes we were there, all done. All four bogies are ready to grace the network metals again, well done team. The opportunity was taken to complete some long overdue housekeeping around the space occupied by the bogies for the past year.

Andy and Tony started the clean up around the hind engine unit and cylinders in preparation of the installation of the forth bogie. As predicted bucket loads of baked on cylinder oil and road grime are prevalent and we expect quite a few hours of toil here. The next couple of workdays should see this task completed with only the bogie to roll under.

As the bogie work is all but completed the boiler cradle leading pivot was the next job on the list. Graeme and Shaun fitted both halves of the very large bronze pivot castings. The reconditioned tension spring nuts were screwed down to the pre-set clearance. While we were working on the leading pivot, Marc and Paul removed the live steam ball joint that is situated just above the pivot casting. The two lube lines that supply oil from the mechanical lubricators were found to be completely broken off. The cavity that the ball joint sits in was completely block solid with congealed oil and again lots of crud was cleared away. Needless to say, the lube lines will be repaired to the usual standard and maybe the oil will again be delivered to where it is required.

The good news is that we are now almost ready to start the reassembly of the engine proper. The first job will be to lower the boiler cradle into position followed by the boiler soon after. Having said that, we now need to raise the funds to facilitate the crane hire. We are asking for everyone to chip in and in fact, $3,000 will see the mighty 60 class starting to look like the real deal again.

Our next workday is Sunday the 20th of February and if we get a good turn out of volunteers we will be almost ready for the big reassembly.

Alan Gardner