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May 19, 2010

Sunday 16 May 2010

The cladding of the firebox area continued with Ian fitting the last of the sheets that cover the flexible stay caps. Now that most of the sheets are in place, Paul was able to fit the steam isolating valves that feed steam to the power reverser and the turbo generator. The pipes that run on top of the cladding sheets were taken out of storage and assessed for condition and repair. All future boiler work will now focus at the smoke box end. This will start with the fitting of the last 20 super heater elements that arrived a few weeks ago.

A parallel task to the bogie rebuilds is the leading unit draft package and the cleaning of the leading engine frame. This work was completed and all of the associated assemblies will fitted at our next workday. This will facilitate the final fitting of the two completed bogies(when finished) to the leading engine unit. David and Tony continued with the clean down and assessment of the leading bogie. Thanks to Paul, Howard and Milton, as they were able to transfer most of the grime from the leading engine unit onto themselves. Our new volunteer Andy, was introduced to the electric wire brush and by day’s end had more parts ready for painting.

Specialist contactors are now on site repairing the front tank and addressing the associated rust issues. When they have completed the hot work, the tank will be sand blasted and prime coated, ready for lifting back onto the engine unit when the time comes.

Our next workday is Saturday 5 June.

Alan Gardner