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May 4, 2010

Friday 30 April and Saturday 1 May.

As Canberra is realising perfect autumn weather, the opportunity was taken to continue with cleaning of the bogies and the leading engine unit. As we were working for two days, Roger and Jacquie Maynard came down from Sydney to help out. As Barry is also helping with the rebuild of 4468 he took the opportunity to dedicate Friday to 6029. At day’s end the leading engine unit pilot beam and cylinders started looking like new. Still plenty of grime under the cylinders but progress is steady.

Saturday was business as usual, with the continued effort on the bogies. At long last the life expired centre pivot liner was removed with the help of an oxy gouging tip. This is quite a large bush at 19 ¼ inches in diameter and it is too big for our small machine shop. Quotes are being obtained from local contractors. The leading engine unit front bogie strip down was also completed. The two outer bogies are about 12 inches longer than the inner bogie. A quick check with the tape measure confirmed that this would allow clearance of the steam cylinders. This bogie was literally covered in congealed cylinder oil, but fortunately no coal dust as per the inner bogies. This has conserved the metal under the oil so we anticipate no major issues with the reassembly. Naturally, after the steam cleaner has done its job, all the components will be inspected and reassembled.

As we are well into the bogie rebuilds the opportunity has been taken to clean up around the leading unit cylinders. Everyone who has taken on this job (project manager included) has emerged from under the engine units with black spots all over themselves. Tony and Roger took a turn at this insidious dirty task and it is pleasing to report that this area is now looking great in grey undercoat. Our next workday should complete the final top coats of black paint. The team also had time to start cleaning up around the brake cylinders and we are now ready to reassemble both cylinders.

Ian continued with the cladding of the fire box and notes with some confidence that he has only three sheets to go! Great job Ian.

Now for the big news. The last of the superheater elements were delivered from the specialist contractor in Victoria. If anyone wants to learn how to fit elements please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks to Kyle and John for offering to go down to Victoria for a nice short drive.

Our next workday is Sunday 16 May, all are welcome.

Alan Gardner