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Apr 29, 2010

6029 in 1981

Here is a YouTube video from 1981 by Graeme Reid. Some of his description is below.

reidgck April 20, 2010In June 1981 the Canberra branch of the Australian Railway Historical Society, operated a tour with Garratt 6209 from Canberra, Australia's national capital
(ACT), to Sydney, and then to Parkes in the central west of the state of New South Wales, and back via a circular route via Cootamundra and Goulburn.

This video was taken in the time when home video filming was new. Anyhow, after all this time, I attained some softwear and figured out how to use it, enabling the editing and the transforming of the action, to appropriate files for posting on the net which didn't even exist in those days. Soundtracks to scenes are all the original.

After the introduction shot, the first action scene was taken high in the Blue Mountains just before Lithgow at the restored Zig Zag Railway location. The scenes after that, were taken west of Bathurst beginning with a shot before sunrise in which the Garratt, the headlight of which is piercing the dawning light, demonstrates its whistle in a shrill mode, and gives a sample of its power and bark while approaching a level crossing. There are various other scenes in this 10 minute video. Much had to be edited out because of time limits. Some such scenes were the crossing of interstate freight trains, one scene is with a 46 class electric and a 45 class diesel electric up front which passed at the Zig Zag site, and the Indian Pacific passenger train from Perth, and others.

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