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Apr 19, 2010

Sunday 18th of April 2010

As there was no steam services this weekend Paul Nowland and Dave Malcolm dedicated Saturday to 6029. Paul fitted the replacement manganese liners on the inner hind bogie and then continued with wire brushing the myriad of small bogie components. Dave helped out with some weld repairs to the lateral control spring links for the leading inner bogie. Paul spent Saturday night on site in one of our luxurious TAM sleeping cars. Fortunately for Paul the weather was quite mild.

Sunday morning started with Paul setting up the power leads and air compressor lines in preparation of the day’s work. It was pleasing to see a good workforce turn up so the opportunity was taken to give the work site a good clean up . Kyle and John (the bogie boys) fitted the last of the brake components to the inner leading bogie. It is now safe to say that this bogie is now finished, well done guys only three to go.

Ian and Paul fitted the boiler cladding sheets to the fireman’s side of the fire box. The end product was a joy to behold as it was to Ian’s usual high standard. The boiler cladding sheets are being fitted before the boiler is lifted onto the cradle. This will allow the easy fitting of the injector starting vales and feed lines.

Marc, Peter, Josh and Howard worked on and around the leading engine unit. As usual bucket loads of grime and baked on cylinder oil gave way to the cast steel engine bead. The two leading sand boxes were removed and as suspected they were full of congealed 30 year old locomotive sand. As this problem was anticipated both were dried out on a pre prepared wood fire. One hour later the sand was easily drained and blown clear with compressed air. The removal of the sand boxes facilitated access to the two brake cylinders and both piston were stripped out for assessment. The cup seals were found to be in good condition and were cleaned down with the steam cleaner. The draft package for the leading engine unit was steam cleaned and will soon be painted in preparation for its final fit.

The above mentioned describes a series of parallel tasks that form part of the critical path plan. The work around the leading engine unit must take place before the two bogies are finally lifted into position. All being well the leading tank will then be lifted for its final fit. However to realise this major milestone we need your help now. No skills required just willing hands. To move things along we will be holding a two day work session. This will be the 30th of April and Saturday the 1st of May. All welcome.

So it’s all hands on deck as we are starting to put 6029 back together and we need your help now!

Alan Gardner