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Apr 7, 2010

Saturday 3 April 2010

4:30 am, yes the joys of operating steam locomotives, early starts and cold mornings. Some of the team started the day by helping with the light up of locomotives 1210 and 3016. We could only imagine how it will be when 6029 is being prepared for operation. After both engines whistled out it was time for a cup of tea and a well earned break.

Malcolm had the privilege of manning the steam cleaner and as usual bucket loads of oil and grime revealed actual metal that is the leading engine unit. Between blasts of the steam cleaner, Mike started the strip down of the leading coupling. As usual all the bolts weren’t going to let go easily but with the aid of the oxy torch they eventually let go. With a few grunts and pulls the coupling fell to the ground. The draft package behind the coupling was next and yes more frozen bolts. The keep plate dropped and with a few taps of the sledge hammer, the whole assembly let go. The draft gear takes all of the buffing forces of the train and it is always inspected during maintenance to ensure that it is in good condition. Having said that a few hours with the steam cleaner will be required before this inspection can take place. After the draft package was removed, Malcolm moved in with, yes, the steam cleaner. One more run over with the electric wire brushes and at long last some metal primer was applied to the engine frame and cylinder area.

As usual the bogie work continued with the fitting of the flexible hoses and Nathan four way distributing valves. This system delivers oil to the bogie horn guides and axle box slides. David continued with the clean down of the equalising beams for the second bogie. These beams have two sets of hardened bushes fitted and all are in poor condition. Mike is organising the manufacture of a replacement set.

The last job for the day was to clean up around the site and re organise the more components in preparation for the next work day!

Our next workday is Sunday the 18th of April.

Alan Gardner