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Nov 17, 2009

Sunday November 15 2009.

Work on the MHG support van is progressing well. We now have a decent workbench and tool storage. Pat the electrician has been beavering away behind the scenes installing power points and lights. The grinder, cupboards and bench drill have been installed and as a consequence of this we now can now actually work efficiently. Before we had the van we wasted countless hours setting up and packing away equipment every work day. Thanks to the efforts of all involved we can just plug in the power and start working.

As previously reported the four bogies are main focus of work. The years of grime and rust are now giving away to what resembles an almost a new bogie. Originally we were only replacing the worn mounting studs however when using the torque gun they were snapping like carrots. So all are now being replaced with new.

Our resident fitter, boilermaker, sheet metal, and generally good bloke Ian continues to work at home at what ever is asked of him. The cladding on the back head of the boiler has now started to progress forwards along the firebox area. As a consequence of this, the final fitting of copper pipe work has started. The labyrinth of small bore copper pipes is being annealed and assessed for condition and re fitting.

In general terms we are at the hard slog stage, and although the cleaning, assessing and painting is hard work, we are realising some very pleasing results. Having said that we can only do it with help and presently we have no shortage of tasks that are looking for willing helpers. No skills are necessary and on site tuition is available.

If you haven’t come along to a work day for some time or even if you are new to Project 6029, please come along, all welcome.

Our next workday is Saturday the 5th of December, again all welcome.

Alan Gardner