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Oct 21, 2009

Sunday 18 October,

The first of the four bogies is now starting to look like it is brand new ex-works. The brake cylinders have been re fitted and the many sub assemblies have had the usual three coats of paint. Some of the bushings and pins will need to be replaced. John continued with the strip down of the second bogie and we are hopeful that we can lift the bogie frame off the wheels on the next workday. The repaired lateral control springs should be back on site in the next few weeks.

Mike continued with the re fitting of the overhauled reverser reach rods that run down the drivers side of the boiler cradle. One of the last jobs for the day was to lift both of the long reach rods into position. Yes that’s correct we are starting to put it back together.

Since starting the project, we have had no workshop facilities on site. Thanks to the continued efforts of Barry, Stuart, Marc and Pat the electrician, we now have a mobile workshop. As a consequence of this we are now looking for a bar fridge(already found), kettle and seats.

Our next workday is Saturday 7th November 2009.

Alan Gardner