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Mar 17, 2013

Aladdins Cave?

Perhaps not Aladdin's cave, but certainly a place where wonders can and do happen. Those who have been following the restoration for a while will remember the wonders that Ian Senini performed on the Lubricators and the back head cladding. Ian has been at it again with the stoker motor, turning what was a rusty mess back into a near new work of art. The stoker motor started out, suffering from exposure, and neglect. It had been been damaged at some point also, with the crank case breather being broken off.

You can see from the photos some of the stuff Ian had to deal with, including the broken breather, wear and tear and the years of service and exposure. The results speak for themselves, and we can expect years of troublefree operation with the new hard chromed piston rods and the TLC that Ian puts into every job he tackles.