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Jan 20, 2013

Saturday 19th January 2013

As previously reported the off-site teams have been beavering away over the Christmas break.Yours truly has been working on the Gantt chart identifying what tasks still have to be done and in fact what we have missed. Some of our Sydney based members have been over to the state archives sourcing many original drawings that will help answer those questions we still have.

The rebuild of the stoker motor is now complete at Ian’s home workshop. The guys were also onsite from time to time evaluating and fitting the system of pipes that from the steam circuit for the stoker motor.

The screw and elevator system was assembled in preparation of the final fit under the cab floor.It took a few goes to fit the screw into place and in turn bolt up the pivot that takes the coal up into the fire box. The stoker trough dis-assembly was completed but only after the oxy torch had cut through three layers of patch repairs. It seems his railways had several goes at patching up the rusted out sections.

An all new welded trough will be ordered when funds permit and once one site it should go back together with relative ease. We estimate that the new trough will cost about $4,000 and we would love to hear from anyone who can help out. All donations are tax deductible. Thanks to our gold supporters Goodwin Alco, the boiler cladding sheet metal was ordered from a local specialist sheet metal contractor. All of the sections we pre-punched and rolled on a CNC machine. Thanks to modern technology the sections bolted together with relative ease.

The systematic fitting and testing of the Westinghouse brake system has commenced starting at two main reservoirs. The approach is to blow through and prove each pipe and yes the soapy water works a treat to detect the smallest leaks.

The museums training branch has now completed the first draft of the training manual. The manual forms part of the initial training of the ARHS crews. Further to this, a risk assessment has been completed in accordance with rail safety legislation. The training manual and the risk assessment are both linked, as many of the risk mitigating controls identified are for training of the crews.

As each week passes 6029 is gradually looking more and more like the real deal. With the boiler cladding in place, the injector feed lines and hand rails will be fitted in the coming weeks. The hind unit and the stoker system now forms part of the critical path assembly. The rear bunker cannot be put into place until the trough and associated assemblies are completed and fitted.

Saturday the 19th saw the Garratt shunted out into the sun, and back under the crane, to have the stokers elevator tube lifted into place. As the cab is already in place, it was necessary to undo one of the railways many in service modifications, and cut out a panel in the rear of the cab structure to facilitate the re-installation of the elevator tube. This panel was originally built as a bolt in item, that for one reason or another was welded in place while the loco was in service.

After some effort and a little grunting, the elevator tube is now back in place, and it wont be long before the cab floor will be fitted around it. Other things achieved today were the refitting of the injector lines on the fireman's side of the loco and the timber bearers for the bunker have been completed, clearing the way for the bunker to be refitted when the stoker trough is completed and refitted.

With progress like this, it wont be too long before the Garratt again see's a fire in her belly. It is really just a case of a bit more time and a bit more money to get it all done. Remember that donations are always welcome and that without the support of people all around the world, this restoration would not be possible and 6029 would still be rusting in the yard.