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Oct 16, 2012

6 and 7 October 2012

Work on the leading tank and engine unit is now almost complete. The team finished off fitting the myriad of split pins that are part of the bolt assembly securing the leading tank to the engine unit. The piping that runs the water from the tank to the engine units was fitted with all new bolts and fixtures. This also included the flexible pipes that bridge the engine units to the boiler cradle. These 10 inch diameter flexible pipes are in fact are very hard to line up and screw into place. After a few hours of pushing and pulling the pipes were in place and ready for use.

The cab work continued with the fitting of the windows to the cab side doors. Safety glass has been ordered for the leading windows including the two round port holes that the NSWGR blanked off many years ago. The re en-statement of these windows is part of the overall plan to out shop 6029 in its 1950's configuration as far as practicable.

On Sunday work commenced on the fit out of the smoke box with the installation of the blast pipe. With the blast pipe fitted the next job will be to fit the smoke stack aligned and secured home. The steam pipes and elbows that deliver steam from the super heater header to the the cylinders were taken out of storage ready for fitting. These pipes are bolted together with convex lenz rings that allow for any mis-alignment. The rings will have to be lapped in by hand and we are looking for volunteers who have the willingness and patience to complete this vital task.