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Feb 10, 2012

Saturday 4th February 2012 The critical path work for the leading engine units is now all but complete with the lubrication system now tested. Ian continued to check and double check all of the copper pipes and he also identified some pinch points that may lead to failures further down the track. Rectifing these points will include extra brackets to will stop the pipes from vibrating or working loose. The lubricator drives from the valve gear is now fitted and the end result speaks for itself.

The valve gear and coupling rods were taken out of storage and are being checked for fit and final assembly. The coupling rods were hard grease lubricated and the residual grease is very hard to remove but the condition of all pins and bushing suggest that it did the job well. The polishing and crack testing of the rods will take quite a few workdays to complete but this work is necessary to ensure that no defects are present. The smoke box fit out is continuing with the unenviable task of lapping the lense rings that make the steam tight joint between the main steam pipes . Carl and Andy had a go with two rings almost good to go and we estimate we only have about 12 to go.... just in the smoke box area. Keep going guys! The leading tank will now be transferred to the front of the shed with the use of an external crane contractor. Some preparation work is still to be completed on the mounting pads at the bottom of the tank. Our next work day will focus on the leading water tank to ensure that it will be ready for final fitting to the leading unit soon there after. Alan Gardner