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Jun 23, 2011

Sunday 19 June 2011

Once again we started of the day with sub zero temperatures but it wasn’t long before the thermometer soared to a massive 2 deg C. Yes as usual a cup of tea and hard work would soon warm everyone up.

Work continued around the driver’s side cab sub floor and associated brake systems. The new floor has been pilot drilled (small holes) and checked for fit and alignment. The floor sheet was lifted off to allow the welding of the sub floor support bracing. Graeme Kidgell welded the bracing to the boiler cradle main cross member in no time. This is bracing supports the sub floor and rear cab sheet. Graeme then turned his attention the brake stand support bracket with the fitting of the horizontal six 7/8 BSW bolts. The brake stand was next and the end result speaks for it self. Tony was next with the usual wire brush clean up and grey primer.

Back at the floor sheet David opened up the pilot holes to ½ inch and cleaned up all of the sharp burs and edges that were previously oxy cut. The old angle iron that supports one side of the sheet was welded in lieu of rivets.

As we are starting to put the brake system back together, Kyle and John were tasked with fitting the relay chamber to its support brackets located near the smoke box on the drivers side. After some initial problems it was discovered that the support brackets were in place upside down. Yes the project manager fitted them a while back, oh well you can’t get good help these days. After the brackets were re fitted the correct way up the chamber fitted with ease. The two inch diameter brake and brake cylinder pipes were fitted with only 3 or 4 control pipes to go. If we can find them amongst the tons of stored small bore copper pipes.

After lunch the team started to sort through the bundles of stored pipes starting with the injector and feed system. The fireman’s side injector had to be fitted first as the pipes have to attach to something in the first instance. Graeme has many years of experience behind him when he was working for Puffing Billy Railway in Melbourne. By his own admission the injectors on the 60 class are a tad bigger.

The front tank has been lifted off to allow the final fit of the steam pipes and sand boxes. This will also make it easer to fit the remaining super heater elements. This can be done with the tank on but having the tank off expedites an awkward job. The fireman side sand box resisted but eventually yielded for final fit. The leading steam ball joint was lifted in to place just ahead of the smoke box. We only have ten feet of steam pipe to fit and the leading unit steam piping will be finished.

Alan Gardner