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May 25, 2011

Cab Progress in May

It has been a while since I have updated you on the cab and its progress at Eveleigh.

Overall, the cab looks again like the cab that came off the Garratt a while back, with the notable exception of the corrosion that was present in the panels and frames. I would estimate that at least 25% of the cab has been replaced just to repair the damage caused by all those years of exposure.

The majority of the riveting is done, with the exception of 4 lines of rivets that could not be completed until the roof is properly attached. One more day with the team from Goodwin-Alco will see that all completed.

The last workday saw the roof more or less completed, with just a little welding to be completed and one small panel to be cut and fitted. The roof is all new, and is completely devoid of the holes that caused the ultimate demise of the original unit. All attachments are now internal and with new hatches that are stronger and easier to use, the cab should be a nice place to work. As part of the work, we have also added proper lifting points to allow damage free lifting of the cab from the frames and the roof from the cab in the future, a small detail, but one that will be appreciated when we have to do any heavy maintenance on the boiler or mechanical stoker.

There is some detail work to be completed, like new window frames in the rear of the cab, but there is most certainly light at the end of this tunnel!

Mike Reynell