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Mar 21, 2011

Sunday 20 March 2011

Now that the boiler cradle is well and truly in place the boiler itself has become the next stage in the critical path of assembly. In fact the Thursday before the workday also saw the use of a 80 ton mobile crane to lift the boiler into position next to the locomotive in preparation for the workday. The boiler was packed with timbers to give relative easy access to the foundation ring so the last of the broken ash pan mounting studs could be drilled out. This job went surprisingly well as upside down work was is never easy and after an hour of the usual grunting and groaning we were done. The lift itself was a bit of an anti climax as the boiler was lowered into position with ease.

With the boiler in place, and after a quick check for clearance, the expansion slides were fitted in preparation for the expansion brackets. They could not be bolted down as some of the studs will have to be replaced. The exhaust steam ball joint that attaches to the blast pipe was checked and it comes as no surprise that some major surgery will be required.

After lunch some of the guys were treated to a ride around the yard on locomotive 1210. It was a pleasant change from eating grinding dust. With all that out of the way, the team started to piece together the remaining crinoline bands. As the name suggest these bits are the frame work that holds the cladding sheet metal in place. Some of the lower parts of the bands are rusted out so new sections will be made as required.

Looking forward, and the next few months should see the cab returned to Canberra for final fitting. With the boiler and cab in place the steam pipes and fittings will be hooked up for the eventual steam test. We are asking for everyone to make that extra effort and attend the next few workdays as the big move is on. Come April, we see 6029 shunted into the large shed to facilitate the fit out of the lubrication system, cab floor and anything else that needs doing. We will also need all hands on deck to help clean up the large shed before 6029 moves in.

Alan Gardner