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Dec 22, 2010

Sunday 19 December 2010

Following on from the efforts of the team at Eveleigh on Saturday the guys at Canberra started bright an early for the last workday of 2010.

The leading engine unit was once again lifted to allow the leading inner bogie to be rolled out clear. Four new ¼-½ inch BSP nipples were fitted to replace the worn out brass type. A trial fit of the flexible hoses confirmed all was well with the grease lubrication system to this bogie.

New replacement packing plates for the centre pivot bowl had been ordered in the past week and were on site ready for fitting. It was decided to replace the old 3/8 liner with the same as we may have vary the packing when the locomotive is being weighed. After the packing was in place, the composite low friction liner and locking ring was installed with an easy tap in fit. With a final check of all clearances the bogie was rolled into place and the engine unit was lowered into place with all being well. The flexible grease pipes were installed and fresh grease pumped through. The four inch diameter king pin was lowered into place, the locking plate and split pin fitted and finally we could say job done. Now onto the hind unit! Thanks to Paul Nowland, Graeme Kidgell, Shaun Barker and Marc Miller.

Pater Reynell washed down some of more gummed up components of the hind unit. This is in preparation for the removal of the hind unit draft package. The draft package is directly behind the headstock and is attached to the shank of the coupling. In essence the draft package absorbs most of the in-train buffing forces and from past experience we expect hours of fun here. When Peter has finish with the external clean up of the hind unit, the draft packaged will be dropped out for full inspection.

The day came to a sudden end at 13:30 hours as the rain set in for the rest of the day. Yes the joys of working out doors.

Alan Gardner