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Dec 6, 2010

Saturday 4th December

The Sydney Chapter...
While most went to Canberra to work at Garratt Central, the two Mikes (Reynell and Ridley) spent a very productive day at Eveleigh, fitting some of the long awaited replacement panels to what was left of the Cab.

The first thing to be done was the fitting of the panel above the window. This panel had so much damage from corrosion that some parts were totally gone, a product of years in the weather and the corrosive nature of soot that has collected between the joins in the metal. Once the panels above the windows were fitted, the rest of the replacement window frame was prepared and carefully fitted, before being welded in.

With the window frames reconstructed, the cab sides were again stood up and positioned so that the rest of the cab can be reconstructed and temporarily bolted together, before our friends from the powerhouse museum come in and rivet the whole thing back together properly, a milestone many of us will be glad to see come and go. That milestone is still a month or two away however, as we are still waiting on a few of the panels, and with only one workday before Christmas,time is going to get the better of us.