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Jun 15, 2010

Tuesday 15 June

Between workdays.

The enthusiasm of our workforce is something that I am very proud of. One example of this is the willingness of the team to organise extra workdays whenever possible. Last Sunday Paul, Andy and Tony continued on with the rebuild of the leading bogie. The main fame is presently turned upside down allowing access to all of the nooks and crannies that are usually inaccessible. Thanks guys...job well done.

As Monday was a public holiday, the Sydney team continued with the rebuild of the cab at Eveleigh.

Mike Ridley got stuck into areas beneath the cab floor that had corroded due to the accumulation of water and coal dust. The corroded areas had been replaced with new metal a few weeks ago, but needed to have the welds dressed and the whole area cleaned and painted.

Ron Denholm removed old rivets from one of the side panels to allow the frames to be separated from the panels, allowing the corrosion that was presently distorting the panels to be removed and treated. Mike Reynell fitted new material making up the new door frames and Ian Macdonald delivered some new panels to replace some that were beyond repair and took away some old panels, including the roof, to use as templates so that he can manufacture the replacements we require to bring the cab back to life.

Peter Reynell spent a lot of the day drilling holes in new components preparing them for fitting in the near future. He finished making the brackets that will attach the roof to the cab sides....Thanks again guys.

Alan Gardner