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Feb 7, 2010

Saturday 6th of February 2010.

The rebuild of the bogies continues, all be it slowly. Kyle and John completed the assembly of the first equalising beams and main springs assemblies. The bogie frame is almost ready to be lifted on the wheels. The centre pivot liner must be replaced and our efforts to date have only realised colourful language and frustration. Kyle and John have assured us that they will have the liner extracted at the next workday. Vince cleaned up the four horn keep plates as they will be needed when the bogie frame is lifted onto the wheels.

Malcolm cleaned down and crack tested the eight manganese liners for the second bogie. Only sixteen to go hey Malcom! These liners were completely seized against the axle boxes.

Peter Anderson, Peter Reynell and the Alan stripped down the Nathan lubrication system around the leading unit cylinders. This allowed access to the engine bed and cylinder castings. The build up of baked on cylinder oil and grime in this area is significant. This grime is up to 25 mm thick and the use of the steam cleaner made no progress with its removal. Most of the day was spent chiselling baked on cylinder oil by hand. As the lubrication components were removed they were carefully tagged and stored for eventual overhaul. Lots of home work for the project manager.

Our next workday is Sunday 21st of February.