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Jun 7, 2009

Saturday 6 June Canberra workday

Another fantastic turnout, another productive day..although the wind chill factor in the afternoon reminded us that it IS winter, and that 40 degree celsius summer is now behind us.

Tasks undertaken included:
  • more pressure washing, now about half way finished on the front engine unit; thanks again, Roger
  • more painting, thanks Stu
  • cross compound air compressor dismantled, with some challenges, including the b*****y thing creating a vacuum which made the removal of one piston a challenge; thanks Ian, Shaun, Shane and all the other expert advisers.
  • removal of the pivot bearing at the front end of the boiler cradle; thanks to Marc, Kyle and John [and again, more experts]
AND , to show that we do not only pull things apart, the compressor was test fitted to the smokebox to prove that the new support plate will work.

In attendance:
Alan Gardner
Al's mate Graham Kidgell from the little railway near Melbourne
Peter Reynell
Shane Bollard
Shaun Barker
Ian Senini
Marc Millar
Mike Ridley
Stu Edwards
Kyle Rollinson
John Kempton
Roger Maynard
Also on site were Lindsay Richmond, who made lunch, thanks Oldmate; Paul Quinn, vibrating on a bogie frame;
Andy D, Jack Barker, Gav W. ; Dave and Keith Malcolm lighting 3016 for todays' Bungendore train, and David Villiers as cleaner and polisher.

Next workdays
  • at Eveleigh..Saturday 13 June...contact peter@project6029.com for access and job details.
  • at Kingston [Canberra Railway Museum] Sunday 21 June
The next Superweek is planned to commence on the 4th of July, the anniversary of the first workday, and then 6-10th of July.