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Jun 28, 2009

Like a house of cards

Saturday morning saw Mike Riddley, Mike and Peter Reynell turn up to take advantage of the comfortable work area in the Eveleigh large erecting shop.

Today saw more than a little progress on the cab. In the past, nearly all the work has concentrated on removing years of built up corrosion and muck from the panels so that the damage can be identified and assessed.

We finally have given up trying to do the repair work in situ, and the decision was made to reduce the cab to smaller sub-assemblies so that the panels can be repaired properly and the corrosion that has until now been trapped between the riveted components can be removed properly.

With a few rows of rivets and bolts removed, the cab quickly fell apart like a heavy house of cards. The rear panel of the cab took five or six people to lift onto trestles.

The roof vents were also liberated from the roof panel so that they can be repaired separately before being refitted to the new roof.

Over the next few weeks, replacement components will be arranged so that the corroded areas can be removed and new metal welded back in. There is a new roof to be cut and rolled, the angles that mount the cab to the loco frame will need to be replaced, and some paneling around the windows will need attention.

It seems like a lot of work, considering that it just a cab, but once it is finished, I doubt it will need to be touched for another 20 or 30 years.