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Feb 25, 2009

Sunday 22 February 2009 

The critical work path was the main focus of the day . Gavin almost competed the installation of the smoke box floor and the blast pipe can now be temporarily fitted to facilitate the final fitting of the smoke stack.  The old boiler cladding sheets were test fitted around the firebox area to facilitate the measuring up of new pieces. This work is being brought forward to ensure the cab can be lifted straight onto the boiler when delivered from Sydney. Howard, Michael and Barry continued with the cleaning and painting of the boiler cradle. Michael levelled the boiler cradle and it now sit true on the stands.   As usual Peter cooked a delightful lunch and gave the site a much need clean up.

Our next workday will be on  Saturday the 7th of March. Work will continue  on the cradle and replacement boiler. We still have to make up four timber supports for the boiler cradle to facilitate  the fitting of boiler onto the cradle. After this vital milestone is reached, the fit out of the feed water system and fire grate will commence, when completed  we will steam test the boiler.

Alan Gardner