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Jan 19, 2009

Sunday 18 January

It is pleasing to report that the first workday for 2009 was well attended and in fact we achieved over 100 hours of work for the day. Preliminary work was completed to facilitate removal of the boiler cradle with the end result being a full set of stands to enable the cradle to be set up level and gain easy access to all of its nooks and crannies for inspection and repair. We anticipate lifting the cradle onto the stand in the next few weeks. Mike and Marc fitted the internal steam pipe into the boiler and it was pleasing to once again actually see components being fitted rather than taking them off. The next part of the steam circuit fit out will be the header and work has commenced with the assessment and associated repairs. Mike Potter once again made good use of the over head crane and the front tank has been moved into position to allow easy access for the anticipated weld repairs. With the fine weather conditions the painting of the hind engine unit commenced with excellent results. This also included the strip down and undercoating of the headstocks. The last job of the day was the removal of the injectors and associated piping off the boiler cradle.

News received from Ron in Eveleigh is that he has almost finished painting the interior of the cab and work will start soon on the corrosion repairs as required.

Help needed:

As we are no moving in the assemble stages of the project we are asking for help to paint this 260 ton monster, no special skills necessary just a willingness to help out and put up with the projects managers silly jokes.

Alan Gardner